A Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) is a group of labor and management representatives working together to identify and solve health and safety problems in the workplace. The JHSC serves as an important communication link between labor and management. Active, involved employees can create and maintain interest in health and safety and establish positive attitudes throughout the workplace. Active, involved managers can create and maintain interest in health and safety and establish positive attitudes throughout the workplace.


The JHSC is composed of people who represent the employees and the employer. Together, the committee is mutually dedicated to improving health and safety conditions in the workplace. The purpose is to identify potential health and safety issues and bring them to the committee’s attention. Procedures shall be established and implemented to provide a safe work environment. An effective JHSC can help reduce loss work time resulting from accidents and occupational illness.

Committee Responsibilities

  • To discuss and formulate health and safety procedures under the Public Employment Risk Reduction Program (PERRP) and practices for accident and illness (exposure) prevention methods, health and safety promotion, injury and illness records and other pertinent subjects.
  • To establish procedures for handling suggestions and recommendations of employees.
  • To review complaints brought forward, to review all accidents, injuries and near misses as a basis for recommending means to prevent recurrence.
  • To perform periodic health and safety inspections/walk through of facilities.
  • To review, analyze, monitor and act on reports of site inspections.
  • To provide an avenue for employee involvement in health and safety programs.
  • To assist and coordinate health and safety training for all employees.
  • To determine needs and to recommend suitable personal protective equipment.
  • To be responsible for recommendations, instructions, use, and maintenance of safety equipment.

Labor Members

Employees are chosen from each department to represent the labor members. One employee shall be present from ACWRF, Collections, Laboratory, Maintenance, Package Plants-East, Package Plants-West, OECC and the last seat is reserved for the union local president. The employees serve as an advisory body that helps stimulate or raise awareness of health and safety issues in the workplace, recognizes and identifies workplace risks, and develops recommendations for the employer to address. The labor members serve a vital role on the committee because of their presence in the field.

Management Members

The management members consist of each department Manager, HR safety officer, Engineer, and the Operations Superintendent. The Operations Superintendent acts as the chair person of the committee. The management members serve as an administrative body, responsible for taking all issues under advisement and providing a resolution. Management, is responsible to create and maintain a safe work environment by providing resolutions to the issues at hand, brought forth by the labor members.


Meetings are held every six weeks, alternating between two locations, the Alum Creek Water Reclamation Facility and the Olentangy Environmental Control Center.

Procedures of Meetings

  • The meetings shall be conducted by the Operations Superintendent.
  • A meeting agenda is distributed before each meeting and will be followed.
  • Minutes of the meeting shall be recorded and documented by the committee secretary.


All members receive information including, but not limited to, meetings agendas, meeting minutes, health and safety information, safety procedures for review all on the Delaware County e-mail exchange.